Alternatives to Selling on eBay – Additional eCommerce Websites


E bay has generated some fairly substantial policy changes over the past six months. A variety of these include alterations to opinions, changes concerning the delivery of electronic products, along with price climbs. Many eBay sellers aren’t happy with these changes and have been looking for other internet areas to market their products and services.

Amazon sellers report greater prices and limitations regarding shipping rates. Many eBay sellers are also Amazon sellers and may attain a good deal of consumers between both of these web websites. also provides Ecom Income Blueprint free list for the vendors) Last commissions, determined by the sale price, can fluctuate between 50 cents to $5.

Etsy is increasing in popularity. Etsy is an online trading website featuring handmade things. You will find lovely homemade jewelry, artistic crafts, baskets, baskets, infant things and possibly even challenging things like home-built computers. The commission to record a product on Etsy will probably be 20 pennies) Every document lasts for 4 weeks. Vendors are charged 3.5 percentage commission to receive items which sell.

ECrater makes it possible for vendors that a store, and totally free of charge. Charges are charged to vendors who’d love to promote their items in exceptional areas, like on really front page. If you can’t ever want to pay ads, which you don’t ever need to.

EPier – No listing fees, only a commission if your item sells.

Bidville – Also no listing fees. Commission of 5% of sales cost is charged for every item that sells for under $25. Sell your item for far more than just $25 and you also don’t pay a commission.

Your site is obviously a alternative. Many websites like freewebs and weebly supply a complimentary website.

The websites listed above won’t have the form of visitors or title recognition that eBay could offer. But you could always carry out an attempt out on many other sites to learn what works for you and sell to a combination of sites.

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